No one knows how many different beers are brewed in Belgium, but estimates put it at 800-900! And what a variety – from Cherry beer at 4%, wheat beers, Trappist beers (made in the Trappist Monasteries) to Quadrupel beers which can reach 13% alcohol. The bars restrict the latter to a maximum of 3 bottles […]

Homeward bound

Our final week cruising this season saw us returning from Belgium to the Netherlands to leave the boat for the northern winter. Leaving Liège, after Tommo and Sally left Notre Vie, we decided to take the more scenic route down the Meuse River to Maastricht rather than the Albert Canal. At Monsin lock, the first […]

Going Up!

Peruwelz to Liege Sailing to from Peruwelz to Mons, to meet our final visitors for the season, we were saddened to see an increase in the amount of rubbish – bottles, paper, and even several large full, black rubbish bags – floating in the canal! We had seen very little debris of ‘a man made […]


The Wallonia Flag above represents the Walloon region of Belgium and the French speaking community. Designed in 1913 – known as the bold rooster! As we crossed into Wallonia we saw our first hill in 3 months. In NZ it would be little more than a wrinkle on the landscape, a mere mound! But the […]

Down the Leie

The next part of our journey took us from near Nieuwpoort, around Bruges, back towards Ghent and south down the Leie river. Travelling back around Bruges we had to share a semi circular lock with a very large barge – it was so big that the lifting bridge couldn’t close whilst the barge was in […]

In Flanders Fields

We left Bruges on the Ghent/Ostend canal, our destination Ieper (Ypres), and passed through a couple of different lifting bridges. The first moved up on a couple of huge rockers, the second swung up and to the side. At Plassendale we turned left towards Nieuwpoort and then left again on the Ijzer River. Our first […]

A to B

Antwerp to Bruges Time for some culture!  Enough of Ruebens. After leaving Antwerp in convoy with 5 other boats we turned right down the Albert canal until we reached the Nete canal to Lier. Lier marina is on the outskirts of the town, a 10 minute cycle ride away. Lier is a little gem – […]