Belgium and Beer

Who would have thought things could be so different crossing an essentially non existent border!? Suddenly, the pretty houses with wonderful flower gardens were replaced with dull austere houses with stones in the front garden, perhaps the odd shrub. Fresh milk – the norm in the Netherlands – was now as rare as hens teeth, […]

Off to Belgium!

212 Kilometres from Doeshaven to Belgium – 7 day trip The best laid plans of mice and men……. Our original plan was to spend the summer in Holland – there are so many waterways, and interesting places to see. However, after about 6 weeks we found out that we could not stay in the Shengen […]

The Amstel and the Vecht

Robert and Ruth – old friends from the UK – joined us in mid June, and we did a 10 day round trip of about 160km with them. On the Oude Rijn river from Zwammerdam to Woerden we passed 2 bridges where we had to pay the ‘clog toll’ or Brug geld. The larger bridges […]


Hi everyone reading or following the blog. If you are kind enough to make a comment, we will almost always respond – but you won’t automatically see the reply. When you post a comment, just underneath the ‘Post Comment’ button is a little check/tick box ‘Notify me of follow-up comments by email’. Tick that one, […]

Utrecht, Rotterdam and Delft

We spent a couple of days cycling and visiting Utrecht and it’s surrounds. The Oudegraacht is the old central canal running through the middle of Utrecht. The buildings flanking it are on 2 levels. The upper street level has shops and offices with apartments above them. At canal level there were restaurants and cafes. Major […]

Locked up!

Gouda to Utrecht On leaving Gouda we entered the second lock of our trip -this was to get us onto the River Hollandse Ijssel. All went to plan – we entered the lock, tied up and the water came in and we rose about 3 meters. It was all too easy…when the gate opened we […]

Living quarters

Several folk have asked for pictures of the inside of Notre Vie. So here they are. Not the ‘airbrushed’ ones that brokers take to sell a boat….simply ones we have taken after living aboard for the past month or so. We have just been discussing how long we have been ‘liveaboards’ and have to confess […]