Moving on board

Four days after the survey and the new antifouling were done, we moved from our AirBnb to Notre Vie. In the intervening days we had used the rental car to traipse about the area to hardware stores, IKEA, and shops a bit like Kmart to collect the essentials we knew were needed for life aboard. […]

Survey Day

A fine day and we were all aboard – Anne and me, the owner, the broker and the surveyor.  The latter had several ‘doctor’s bags’ full of instruments. – to measure the ph/salinity of the cooling  water, analyse the engine oil, take infrared pictures of the engine when running and measure the electrical output. All […]

Kiwis Kruise Kanals

From ocean sailing to European waterways We have been discussing exploring the European waterways for a few years. The seed was planted 6 years ago when we cruised the Nivernais canal in France with some English friends. Meandering along visiting small towns and villages, drinking local wines, and experiencing another culture was rather enticing. A […]

The Quest

‘There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats!’ (Ratty in Wind in the Willows) Succes 125 Ultra, Dutch built We had been looking on the internet for a year or so, and had decided on a Dutch steel cruiser. We thought that steel might survive […]