Off to Belgium!

212 Kilometres from Doeshaven to Belgium – 7 day trip The best laid plans of mice and men……. Our original plan was to spend the summer in Holland – there are so many waterways, and interesting places to see. However, after about 6 weeks we found out that we could not stay in the Shengen […]

The Amstel and the Vecht

Robert and Ruth – old friends from the UK – joined us in mid June, and we did a 10 day round trip of about 160km with them. On the Oude Rijn river from Zwammerdam to Woerden we passed 2 bridges where we had to pay the ‘clog toll’ or Brug geld. The larger bridges […]


Hi everyone reading or following the blog. If you are kind enough to make a comment, we will almost always respond – but you won’t automatically see the reply. When you post a comment, just underneath the ‘Post Comment’ button is a little check/tick box ‘Notify me of follow-up comments by email’. Tick that one, […]

Utrecht, Rotterdam and Delft

We spent a couple of days cycling and visiting Utrecht and it’s surrounds. The Oudegraacht is the old central canal running through the middle of Utrecht. The buildings flanking it are on 2 levels. The upper street level has shops and offices with apartments above them. At canal level there were restaurants and cafes. Major […]

Locked up!

Gouda to Utrecht On leaving Gouda we entered the second lock of our trip -this was to get us onto the River Hollandse Ijssel. All went to plan – we entered the lock, tied up and the water came in and we rose about 3 meters. It was all too easy…when the gate opened we […]

Living quarters

Several folk have asked for pictures of the inside of Notre Vie. So here they are. Not the ‘airbrushed’ ones that brokers take to sell a boat….simply ones we have taken after living aboard for the past month or so. We have just been discussing how long we have been ‘liveaboards’ and have to confess […]

Cheese, Please!

Leiderdorp to Gouda After dropping Jenni and Greg in Leiden we decided to head out on a trip for a couple of weeks before our next guests arrive. The circuit we decided on is primarily a river route in the Heart of Holland. Gouda, pronounced ‘Howda’ with a guttural bit to the ‘H’, was one […]